Add a touch of style, privacy and branding to your commercial space using decorative window films. With more than 100 unique looks, 3M Fasara Glass Finishes and other films can transform the look of any space.

Customize your space without sacrificing light. Define interior spaces while maintaining an open feel. Constructed with durable polyester material, decorative window films are the perfect solution to upgrade your facility’s décor.

Decorative window films are perfect for:

  • Glass conference tables
  • Glass cabinets or glass doors on cabinets
  • Interior and exterior glass doors and windows
  • Glass bathroom amenities, such as glass stalls and showers
  • Wayfinding signage
  • And more

These films can be die-cut into custom shapes, including your company logo. Showcase your company brand or unique design to your customers as they walk through your front doors.

3M also offers a glass whiteboard solution, perfect for glass walls inside conference rooms or offices.

The films offer a quick install with little to no downtime. Because the film is installed on existing glass – rather than full glass replacement – there is little waste, as well.

These decorative films also can enhance your home decor.

Privacy Films Add Layer of Protection

In addition to 3M’s decorative films, we also carry a variety of 3M’s privacy films – including blackout, matte and mirror films.

Mirror films are ideal for areas where you want to see out but not let people see in. These one-way films are ideal for areas you want to remain private but still let in natural light.

Meanwhile, blackout films are great for hiding secure areas complete – without letting any light or visibility through. These are perfect for storage areas.

Matte films are similar to 3M Fasara’s frosted films, which allow natural light to still get through but completely block the view from both sides.

Concerned about safety? Learn more about 3M Safety & Security Film for your business.

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