Since 1985, IES Window Films has been operating from the same location and under the same ownership in Ocala, Florida. Our goal is to provide the best film to meet your particular needs – residential, commercial and automotive.

We service clients both nationally and internationally. IES Window Films has built an impeccable reputation through its outstanding commitment to quality and keen desire to provide its customers with a safer, more beautiful living environment.

The glass improvement techniques perfected by the factory trained technicians at IES have resulted in a lengthy list of satisfied clients. Whether you are a business owner or a home owner, you should protect yourself and those in your care from the harmful effects of the sun.

IES Window Films offers products that screen out heat and ultraviolet rays while allowing glare controlled sunlight to pass through your windows.

 Our commercial clients include the St. Croix Courthouse (above), the Marion County Courthouse, Bell South Tower, Ft Lauderdale, Ocala Regional Medical Center, Marion Regional Medical Center, Golden-Collum Memorial Federal Building, Black Diamond Ranch, El Conquistador Hotel, Pasta Faire Restaurant and many more…

Considering Window Film?

Residential Advantages:
Our films block up to 99.9 percent of harmful ultra violet rays, reject up to 84 percent of solar heat, reduces fading and glare from the sun. They provides comfort and consistent temperatures in every room, and reduce eye strain at computers and TVs. Plus, they can cut your energy bills and even protect your home from intruders. Learn more.

Automotive Advantages:
Automotive films can reduce the surface temperature in your vehicle by up to 30 degrees, which can be a life saver in the Florida sun. They also block up to 99.9 percent of dangerous UV rays, which can damage your skin and your car’s interior. Our films can also give your car the cool look you’ve been waiting for. Learn more.

Commercial Advantages:
For commercial customers, our films can serve a variety of valuable purposes. Our solar films can cut your cooling costs, improve comfort and extend the life of your HVAC system. Security film can help protect your employees, customers and merchandise. Decorative films can provide an affordable design solution, allowing you to add privacy or design details to the areas of your building that could use a change. Learn more.

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