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3M’s state-of-the-art Crystalline tint can help protect your collector car from the harsh effects of the sun without changing the look of your vehicle.

This July, car enthusiasts around the nation are taking a moment to recognize Collector Car Appreciation Day and pay tribute to antique collected cars that have made an impact on our American culture. However, for owners with these timeless cars who live in Florida’s year-round sunshine, the concern about fading interior, cracked dashes and excessive heat is a reality. And adding a layer of protection – like a darker tint or limo tint – would alter the authentic look of a collector car.

The good news is that 3M™ Automotive Window Film, Crystalline Series offers a clear version of auto tint with similar solar control properties as its darker tint allies but will not change the look of your vehicle.

Here are some of the reasons why installing Crystalline tint can help maintain the appearance of your antique car, an important piece of history meant to be treasured.

Crystalline Tint Offers Heat Reduction

In the Sunshine State, summertime can be brutal – especially in July when temperatures skyrocket – but Crystalline tint blocks some of that heat from entering your car.

According to a study by LiveScience, cars parked in the sun for an hour experienced their interior temperatures raise to 116 degrees, and cars parked in the shade for an hour maxed up to 100 degrees. Cars are easily susceptible to overheating which can create low coolant, faulty cooling systems, or clogs in pipes – all of which you don’t want for your collector car.

High temperature heat in cars also can damage the interior. The intense heat can cause plastic, such as your dashboard, to get brittle and crack and leather, such as seats and other upholstery, to dry out and crack.

The good news is that 3M’s Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series (its clear tint version) rejects 46% of total solar energy and 95% of heat-producing infrared rays. The film is constructed using hundreds of layers of thin film, each one designed to deflect the sun’s harmful rays away from your vehicle.

This leads to a difference in temperatures that you can feel. Cars with 3M’s Crystalline Tint have proven to remain up to 26.5 degrees cooler than a car without car window tinting. Investing in 3M’s Crystalline Clear will maintain comfortable temperatures in your collector car and help the interior last longer.

Crystalline Tint Prevents UV Rays from Damaging the Interior

Crystalline tint blocks 99.9% of UV rays, the leading cause of faded interiors, and can add a layer of protection on your car’s windshield and windows.

Focusing on prevention early, before UV rays cause the fading, is key to protecting your collector car. This is because once the seats are faded, there is no reversing the effects. Adding 3M film to your collector car’s glass windows is similar to adding 1000 SPF to the exterior. You essentially are preventing the UV rays from entering and causing damage in the first place.

If seats are already damaged from fading, Crystalline tint can block rays from damaging the seats further. 3M’s Crystalline Series Clear also uses a nonmetallized film that won’t interfere with electronics, satellite radio, GPS, or mobile devices.

Prevent UV Rays from Damaging Your Skin

Not only can UV rays damage a hot cars’ interior, they also can harm drivers and passengers of collector cars – but crystalline tint can help.

UV rays are the leading cause of skin cancer, which is also the most common type of cancer in the United States. At Faisal University, it was concluded that UV rays amounts in cars are significant enough to introduce skin cancer.

UV radiation consists of two types related to skin cancer: UVB rays, which cause sunburn, and UVA rays, which cause premature aging. All glass windows block UVB radiation. For UVA, the good news is that windshields are made of laminated glass that can block more than 90 percent of UVA radiation. However, up to 50 percent of UVA radiation can penetrate the side windows and sunroofs and cause skin cancer.

Adding 3M™ Window Film can help prevent those unwanted UV rays from entering your collector car – and hurting you and your passengers.

3M Crystalline Tint Offers You Peace of Mind

When you install 3M’s crystalline tint on your vehicle from a 3M™ Authorized Window Film dealer like IES Window Films, the window tinting is covered by a manufacturer warranty for the life of the time you own your car.

The warranty card states that if you own your vehicle, 3M™ Crystalline Series, the film will maintain its solar reflective properties, adhesion without breaking, and the film’s color without turning purple.

If there is a defect, the seller, such as IES Window Films, will replace the defective part without charging for the labor. However, keep in mind that if they detect any abuse or improper care, they will not be able to replace it.

Speak to a 3M Window Film Expert Today

If you or someone you know has an antique or classic car, consider installing 3M Crystalline tint. From reducing heat, protecting the interior from significant damage, blocking UV ray exposure, and the limited lifetime warranty that comes with the installation of an authorized dealer like IES Window Films, there are plenty of reasons why crystalline tint is an option for your collector car.

Since 1985, IES Window Films has been operating from the same location and under the same ownership in Ocala, Florida. The window film shop has served all of Gainesville, Ocala, The Villages and surrounding communities. As a 3M™ Authorized Dealer, IES Window Films has a dedicated team on staff who can assist you with protecting your collector car. Book an appointment today by calling (352) 245-0833 or emailing info@ieswindowfilms.com.

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