Energy-Efficient Window Films

Most Homeowners Don't Realize:

-Windows play a vital role in the home's energy efficiency allowing solar heat to enter in the summer months and home heat to escape in the cold months
-Windows typically account for 15 to 30% of the total heating load and may account for more than 50% during the summertime cooling load
-The most cost effective way to cut home energy loss is to upgrade existing windows with the installation of window films

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Energy Efficiency

The energy savings characteristics of a particular film are defined by the terms "emissivity" and "Solar Energy Rejection." The lower the emissivity of a window, the better the insulating value of the window. This reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Solar Energy Rejection is a measurement of the amount by which incoming solar heat is reduced. Approximately 50% of a home's utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated glass.

Vista™ Window films and LLumar® Window Films help conserve energy by holding radiant heat and air conditioning inside, while keeping sun-generated "hot spots" and unwanted glare and reflection out. As a result, you can enjoy comfortably consistent temperatures in every room -- and significantly lower energy bills. Reduced sun glare also lends refreshing tranquility that's appreciated by computer users and television viewers alike.

Benefits of Window Film?

Fading and Skin Protection

Fading - All materials will fade from sunlight in time. Fading is inevitable and the same whether it is caused by exposure to intensive sunlight for a short time or a long exposure to weaker sunlight. Clear glass provides limited protection from fading.

Fading is a result of three "sunlight" factors and, to a lesser degree...indoor artificial lighting, humidity and poor dye anchorage. Window film is an effective means by which to help reduce fading. Remember however, the installation of Vista™ or LLumar™ film on windows can drastically reduce the damage, enabling most fabrics and furnishings to look fresh and vibrant for years to come. And, even more importantly, the composition of the film you choose will always make a dramatic difference in results achieved.

Skin Protection - Window films protect children and adults alike while inside the home from an unprecedented 99.9% of dangerous UVA & UVB rays. In fact, The Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended window films such as Vista™ as a device for UV protection of the skin.

Vista™ One-Minute Energy Savings Challenge

Estimate Your Energy Cost Savings - Professionally applied to the interior surface of your home's windows, Vistaâ„¢ energy-efficient window film helps keep out the heat, glare, and harmful UV rays, but lets in the light. The temperature in your home stays comfortable - and so do your cooling bills.

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